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Welcome to the reflector of the McHenry County Wireless Association.  MCWA is an amateur radio club based in McHenry County, Illinois open to all those interested in learning and exchanging information about the many facets of the hobby. \

To make our club and reflector a friendly and welcoming place for all, all posts that are made should be amateur radio related.  Posts of a political or religious nature are not acceptable and are subject to removal by the moderator.

Effective 1/1/19, the reflector is for club members in good standing as a benefit of membership.  
If you haven’t already joined the MCWA, please take a moment to visit the following tab on our web site:  https://mcwa.org/join  which has the instructions to join.  Joining is easy.
MCWA dues are only $10 per year and can be paid via PayPal or by a check sent to Dean, WC9C, our Treasurer (Dean’s address is on that website).  If you pay with PayPal, please still fill out the application form and send it to Dean so that the club has your contact information. You can also bring the completed membership form to the next club meeting.
Once your MCWA membership has been confirmed by the moderators, you will be added to the reflector.

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